Commandaria Orchestra’s “Concert in Antique Style II” in Nicosia

Theme Concert of “The Commandaria Orchestra”
at the 3rd Festival “Medieval Nicosia” entitled “Concert in Antique Style II”
Holy Cross Catholic Church (Paphos Gate) Nicosia / Sunday, March 25th, 2018, 20:00

Commandaria Orchestra’s “Concert in Antique Style II” presents compositions for a small string ensemble, based on thematic material (fragmented or in its entirety) from medieval secular music. The composers’ sources were early music manuscripts, folk music tradition, etc.

The program consists of the Cypriot-French repertory found in the so-called Manuscript of Turin. This musical manuscript is undoubtedly an heirloom and an indisputable proof of the cultural heritage of Cyprus; indeed of the entire world’s cultural heritage. In this document, sounds and melodies are recorded from the medieval period of the kingdom of Cyprus and it is preserved today in the National Library of Turin.

Also, Elizabethan Songs transcribed from 16 century manuscripts by Peter Warlock and music by Anastasia Guy, Komitas, and Ravel will be performed.

• Conductor: Francis Guy
• Mezzo-soprano: Tsveta Christoforou

Commandaria Orchestra
• Aritstic Director / Conductor: Francis Guy
• Leader: Pavel Rotaru
• Violin: Marianna Doncheva,
• Viola: Valentina Valova
• Cello: Doros Zesimos
• Double Bass: Eleana Andreou


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