Commandaria Orchestra Premiers the Opera “The Birth of Goddess Aphrodite” |July 6th, 2018

The Commandaria Orchestra of The Cyprus Wine Museum will premier under the baton of its principal conductor and artistic director, Maestro Francis Guy, the opera by Polis Charalambous THE BIRTH OF GODDESS APHRODITE.

The performance will take place at The Aphrodite’s Temple, Kouklia Palepaphos on July 6th 2018

The opera is based on Cosmogonia (Genesis) by the ancient poet Hesiod and so presents the creation of the world. The story begins with a fight between Gaia and Uranus because Uranus has decided to send all his children to Tartar because he is afraid of losing his power and position as the leader. The mother Gaia then goes to Tartar where she asks her children to help her castrate her husband so he will not have any more children who would only share their fate, but they deny her this request. Only Saturn, her youngest child, sides with his mother.

The plan plays out when Gaia and Uranus are in bed and Saturn cuts off his father’s sexual organ and throws it in the sea of Paphos. From the foam of the sea, Aphrodite was born. When she came out of the sea, she was decorated with gold, silver and diamonds and the Gods accepted her as their equal and she became the goddess of beauty and love.
World Premier of the Opera The Birth of Goddess Aphrodite at Aphrodite’s Temple, Kouklia, Palepaphos, on 6 July.

Composer – Polis Charalambous
Libretto – Polis Charalambous
Director – Nikos Tamasios
Conductor – Francis Guy

Soloists – Ioli Mousteri, Cassandra Dimopoulou, Avra Shiati, Mariza Anastasiades, Tasoula Vorka, Nota Avraamidou, Elena Efthimiou, Marios Andreou, Phillipos Modinos, Antonios Koutroupis

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