Passepartout Duo | Concert in Cyprus | July 13th, 2018

Cyprus Orchestra Commandaria

Passepartout Duo is coming to Cyprus to present a program of contemporary music miniatures for piano and portable percussion instruments. The Concert will take place at the Cyprus Wine Museum in the framework of the Fifth Season of ‘Commandaria Orchestra and Friends’ Chamber Music Concert Series, on Friday, July 13th 2018.

The program contains a multi-stylistic mix of both American and European composers, that utilize electronics, and also stress the relationship between music and the human speaking voice. The second half of the program features Rzewski’s masterwork Coming Together and Attica, that tells the story of the Attica prison riots that took place in the 70s in America. Guest artist at the concert will be Sophie Fetokaki.

Piano+Electronics, Bryan Jacobs
Stop Speaking, Andy Akiho
Karakurenai, Andy Akiho
Coming Together, Rzewski
Attica, Rzewski

Cyprus Wine Museum
Friday, July 13th, 2018 | Starts: 20:00 | Ticket: €10.00
Information and Reservations: 00357 25873808 or

Passepartout Duo:
Ever since they began collaborating in 2015, the musicians of Passepartout Duo have been known for their tireless advocacy of new music, ideas that cross aesthetic boundaries, and the compelling films they create. Driven by their shared values of music, people, and travel, Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito’s simple and elegant approach has already earned them a reputation as a thoughtful and promising emerging group within the contemporary music field.

Press Release in Greek and English: Passepartout Duo Concert in Cyprus July 13th, 2018

Concert Cyprus Orchestra Commandaria

2 thoughts on “Passepartout Duo | Concert in Cyprus | July 13th, 2018

  1. Cyprus Wine Museum says:

    Το ντούο Passepartout έρχεται στην Κύπρο να παρουσιάσει ένα μοναδικό συναυλιακό πρόγραμμα που περιλαμβάνει σειρά από έργα σύγχρονης μουσικής για πιάνο και κρουστά φορητά όργανα. Φιλοξενούμενη καλλιτέχνης του ντούο γι’ αυτή τη συναυλία είναι η κύπρια σοπράνο, Σόφη Φετοκάκη. Μη χάσετε αυτή την μοναδική συναυλία στο Κυπριακό Οινομουσείο

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