POMPEII & HERCULANEUM living cities | July 11th, 2019

“Will  future centuries, when new seed will have covered the waste, believe that entire cities and their inhabitants lie under their feet and that the fields of their ancestors were drowned in a sea of flames?” Statius

The buried towns of  Pompeii and Herculaneum are brought to life in this stunning reality DVD from Naples, beautifully narrated by Jeremy Irons.   This is a recreation of the ancient cities: the buildings are fully  restored  with their  wallpaintings and mosaics in fabulous colours; Roman everyday life in the  villas, baths, brothels, public  squares and narrow streets before the catastrophic eruption  of Vesuvius in 79AD.

Thursday | July 11th, 2019 | 11:00 | Ticket: € 16 | The Cyprus Wine Museum | 42 Paphos & Knights Street | 4630 Erimi Village | Limassol | Tel: 25873808 / 99907636 | www.cypruswinemuseum.com

ALL PLACES MUST BE BOOKED / Contact:  Elizabeth Thorneycroft:  et.ancient.world@gmail.com

Details for the event: Language is English. Inclusive price: €16.00: Coffee from 10.30 |  Film at 11 o’clock | Light buffet lunch 12.30 |

The event is organised in collaboration between The Ancient World and The Cyprus Wine Museum


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