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If you live near the Cyprus Wine Museum and can be free on Monday evenings to attend rehearsals, we could be the choir you are looking for. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us by sending an email on or give us a call on 99907636

And, even if you don’t want to sing, please join our newsletter bellow and be part of the audience whenever you can!

The language of rehearsal is English but the language and camaraderie of making music is universal. We work hard to welcome new members who may attend several rehearsals before making a commitment.

What we Offer…

The Choir: Four part mixed chorus (Soprano – Alto – Tenor – Bass)

Atmosphere. We are an inspiring company, friendly and diverse group, drawn from all ages and backgrounds Our members come from many different countries, including the the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Russia etc.

Repertoire: We are a classical music oriented choir. Of course we also enjoy a huge range of other music from pop, folksong and jazz, to contemporary music

No pressure. Come along for a few weeks to see how you find us. Then you will be asked for an audition to join our chorus. Although it is an advantage, we don’t insist on an ability to read music. What we do insist though is that you will do your “homework” and practise at home. 

Concerts. Leading up to our main events, we practice hard to perform one or more major choral works, accompanied by our Commandaria Orchestra professional orchestra and soloists. 

Inspiring leadership. With our superb conductor Francis Guy, and accompanist Mariola Charitidou, music-making is a joy from the first practice.

Subscriptions. We are a non-profit making society, but we do have expenses to recoup through members’ subscriptions. This covers the employment of professional musicians for rehearsals, hire of premises, membership of national organisations and other running costs. In addition, you will be expected to purchase sheet music for your own use as and when required.

Rehearsals. We expect members to attend Monday evening rehearsals, from 17:30 to 19:00 as punctually and regularly as possible. These take place at the Cyprus Wine Museum, 42 Paphou Street, Erimi, Limassol  

When concerts are approaching, we also organize one or two ‘choir days’, usually on Saturdays.

We maintain an attendance register; if you have missed too many rehearsals to be fully prepared, you may be asked not to take part in a concert. 

Support Work. The work of the choir is undertaken by a committee of volunteers and there are always jobs to share out. In return for enjoying the benefits of the choir, most people are happy to offer help whenever possible and new blood on the committee is always welcome. You can let the chairman or your section representative know if you are interested to help out or can assist in other ways.

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