Tempo di Valse | VivArt String Quartet | Feb 11th, 2024

The Commandaria Orchestra & Friends Chamber Music Series invites YOU, the Cyprus Music Lovers, to plunge into the Viennese mood with VivArt’s – String Quartet festive concert “Tempo di Valse”.

No one made central European dance music more fashionable than the Strauss family of composers and bandleaders. Starting in the early 19th century, their waltzes took Vienna by storm and went on to conquer Europe, even into the era of gramophone records.

Even more, waltzes and polkas became a beautifully festive Christmas and New Year concert music tradition around the globe. And for the Tempo di Valse concert famous tunes by Strauss, Arditi, Ivanovich, and Dunayevsky have been selected to be performed for You.

VivArt was founded in Cyprus back in 2017 and the members are very well known to our audience. It is consisted of Marianna Doncheva (Violin), Pavel Rotaru (Violin), Valentina Valova (Viola) and Sofia Petousi (Cello). The quartet had several concerts so far at the Commandaria Orchestra & Friends Chamber Music Series, and even more, the above-mentioned artists are part of the leading members of the Commandaria Orchestra.

The concert will start at 6 pm, on Sunday, February 11th 2023. Tickets €25

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Please kindly notice that consuming drinks and food is not allowed during the indoor concert and museum area.

It is only allowed in the St. Hilarion Hall and in the courtyards before the concert, during the intermission and at the end of the concert. Thank you!

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